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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hey, blogie! it's been a while since the last time i posted, rite?
how's your doing, reader? have you ever miss me? lol, no it's just a joke.
okay about a little thing, i'd like to write.
i've forgot all my english, sorry for some false grammar that i used.

today, 13 APR 2015
3 days before my dad's memorial day.
last year, i was in Berlin that time. yea i haven't told you yet, i was in Germany for AuPair program.
a decade after my dad's death. it's been a while, rite?
i miss him, i always do. it feels bad, not to be with him on that day.
i feel part of me somehow changed without my awareness. slow but sure.
i don't know what's gonna happen when you're still here.
maybe everything just be better when you're here. maybe life is more fullbright than i have now.
i just a little girl that time, that you've gone. 9 years old.
and now, i'm 20! yea i know, so old, isn't it? hahaa not anymore your little girl.
I know it, no matter what, when, with who i am. you've always there behind me, take care of me, looking at me. i know you always there no matter what.
i beg God, to bring you always a happiness.
I know what happened in the past. and i think you worth for a happiness now. no longer pain on your back or head, no longer pain on your chest. and no more pain in your soul and heart.
I thank God, because he trust me to be your little girl.
i miss you, pap! you're on the top of my list.
you have no idea, how i love and i miss you.
Your one and only daughter.

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